And the winner is Chris Colfer.... CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR BRAIN!

I am a SF-bred girl who would live my entire life down the rabbit hole in a world of nonsense…

kurt + you can hardly see his eyes with all the hearts in them 


Alberta, Canada.


am i the only one who rehearses things i might say in advance? and I don’t mean like my theoretical oscars acceptance speech i mean like what i’ll say to the pizza guy when I answer the door in my pjs

Blaine and Kurt in Blaine’s bedroom 

The Skeleton Twins (2014)

As Maggie and Milo reconnect, they begin, slowly, to wind back to the intimacy they had when they were younger, and they peel away each other’s defenses like onion skins. Wiig and Hader bring off something rare: They show you the spiritual romance that can be there even in a fraught brother-sister relationship.

BTS vs. Episode 2/?